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Issue No.1.

Foreign Studentsí Beliefs about Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language Khaled Hussien Muhareb Alharahsheh
A Descriptive Study of Noun Phrases in English and Baluchi Languages; (Case Study Sarhaddi Baluchi Dialect in Khash)

Malek Ahmad Kord, Ahmad Kord, Khadijeh Salarzehi Radpour

Interactional Metadiscourse Markers in Sports News in Newspapers: a Cross-cultural study of American and Iranian Columnists Neda Tavanpour, Zahra Goudarzi, Maryam Farnia
Gendered-Based Use of Maxim of Quantity in Iranian Spoken Discourse:
A Case of Closing Conversation
Shahla Simin, Forogh Bahadori, Nasim Bagherzade

Mixing English in Persian Movies Discourse: Will This Continuing Mixing Harm the Persian Language?

Shahla Simin, Fereshteh Teimouri, Hosna Kasmaee

Contribution of New Technologies in Teaching Business English

Pašková Hana, Zsapková Eleonóra





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